We are currently diagnosing:

  • Body test of sexual power (for male)

    I am 1st sexologist who is working on sexual power diagnosing since 1997.

    1st time in Pakistan we are testing your sexual power on latest machine. Now you have no need to tell us your sexual disease,we will tell you what you have done in your secret life,after sexual power analysis every thing about you will be open.

    The procedure of this test is so easy, just stand on latest digital machine,without removing your cloths and after this put your left thumb on sensor for 10 seconds only and it will say all about you.

    In sexual power test we are testing your

    1:- Libido – Test of sexual drive or desire for sexual intercourse.

    2:- Sexual Lust- Feeling of strong desire of sex

    3:- Sexual desire- A test of desire for sexual intimacy,concupiscence, physical attraction.

    4:- Lack of Diet- Test of your food require for good health

    5:- Sexual Power- Test of male sexual power ,ability of sex in sexual coitus

    6:- Penis size- Your penis is too short or long,machine will tell your size.Many young men are worry about their penis size and they are using different medicines and costly oils for this purpose,they should save their money and 1st they should detect their penis size at our department,if truly it will be short then treatment will be available.

    7:- Blood circulation-Blood circulation to the erectile tissues of penis

    8:- curved penis– Test of penis structure,veins on penis and width etc.

    9:- Masturbation Ratio-How many you have wasted or disused your semen in early stage of your life

    All above topics are tested on latest digital machine, without removing your clothes.

    ( Test fees of all above topics is only 1500/- PKR )

    First we diagnose and then treat your sexual health.

  • Body test of Gynecological & Sexual fitness (for female).

    Detailed Female body test of Gynecological & Sexual fitness.i.e. Nymphomania, Frigidity, Depression, Lack of diet, Obesity, Menstrual cycle, Leucorrhoea, Orgasm, Weakness of uterus etc.

    ( Test fee = 2000/- PKR )

  • Thermal Auricular Test

    Diagnostic test for piles and 100 different diseases. Thermo-Auricular Therapy is the professional use of Hopi Ear Candles. We treat pile after diagnosing through Hua-Han Magic Needle, three weeks of treatment with oral medicines and injections is enough for pile curing.

    ( Test fee = 1000/- PKR )

  • Full Body scan

    With in 56 second more then 150 detailed tests 1st time in Pakistan with latest digital diagnostic technology Magnetic Bio Feed Back ( MBFB )

    Facility of full Body Scan for men and women.

    ( Test fee = 2000/- PKR only )

S-Imago  Machine for full body scanning

  • This equipment is based on young and dynamically developing bio resonance method.S-Imago Medical diagnostic system 1st time in Pakistan we are introducing which allow to make a full body check up quickly and without any harm to a patient.Get a Detection Report of your vital organ’s health with in 10 minutes only.( Test fee = 1500/- PKR only )

    Test of Fertility Vitamins ( Essential for Male Sexual Health )

    Fertility vitamins for men are often the missing link in many infertile couples.Supplementing with male fertility vitamins can produce dramatic results when sperms counts and motility are low.

    Fertility vitamins for men support the production of healthy sperms and increase libido.

    we are testing the deficiency of following vitamins in our Department

    Vitamin C

    Studies have reported that insufficient amounts of vitamin C in men’s diet can lead to sperms cells to clump together,thus inhibiting motility of sperm cells and causing infertility.

    Vitamin E

    This vitamin is essential for male fertility and reproduction.We detect the deficiency of vitamin E and treat it with Natural sources of vitamin E.

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A has impotent antioxidant properties, and it is needed by men to maintain healthy sperm cell membranes.


    A diet low in selenium in male can be related to infertility. Selenium is a mineral that has anti-oxidant properties and protect the cell membrane of the spermatic cells from oxidization. This mineral works synergistically with other vitamins like vitamin E and A.


    This mineral is essential for male fertility because a lack of zinc lowers testosterone.Low testosterone in males can affect the health of sperm cells and male sexual power.

  • Gynecologist for ladies

    Treating different women diseases like infertility, ovarian cysts, Amenorrhea, endometriosis, and menopause etc.

  • Female Infertility Test on Latest Machine

    You can become mother or not. To know this you can have an infertility test at our clinic.Many women are wandering aimlessly for reasonable treatment,after a long time of treatment they does not know about their ability to born a baby.

    They become fertile women or not,if they are barren then their diagnostic process is not completed yet now for this purpose.

    In our department of infertility their is a facility to detect barrenness.This latest test is done with dynamically developing Bio Resonance method.

    To know this you can become mother or not this test is so necessary.

    ( Test fee = 2000/- PKR )